Underground freight transport

Cargo Sous Terrain 3-D vehicle laden with packages
Freight will in future be transported underground in self-driving, unmanned freight vehicles.
© Cargo sous terrain AG

The Federal Council intends to introduce a law to allow the construction and operation of underground freight transport infrastructure.

The reason for this is Cargo Sous Terrain (CST), a project initiated and organised by the private-sector company of the same name. The project envisages transporting freight in Switzerland underground. Clearly set-out processes and mechanisms will be required to construct and operate the underground tunnel systems. The project is to be funded, constructed and operated by the private sector.

The draft law on underground freight transport infrastructure was put out for consultation in 2019. The consultation showed that the Cargo Sous Terrain project enjoys broad-based support, both political and economic. It will provide a forward-looking, environmental extension to freight transport by rail and road.

Cargo Sous Terrain organisation