Underground freight transport

The Confederation has laid the foundations for fully-automatic underground freight transport between the major urban centres throughout the Swiss Plateau. The infrastructure is to be funded, constructed and operated by the private sector.

Cargo Sous Terrain 3-D vehicle laden with packages
Freight will in future be transported underground.
© Cargo Sous Terrain Ltd

The project is known as Cargo Sous Terrain (CST) and is funded by a private-sector company of the same name. The project envisages transporting a part of the freight in Switzerland underground. The project is to be funded, constructed and operated by the private sector. The Confederation considers the project to be a forward-looking, environmental extension to freight transport by rail and road. 

Legislation regulates the conditions under which the CST project will be approved. The authorisation procedure is largely based on that for railways. The operators are subject to the principle of non-discrimination. They must fulfil their transport obligations and provide access to the facilities on equal terms. The Confederation has ruled out co-financing the project with public funds.