Welcome to the FOT

Gebäude des Bundesamts für Verkehr

Welcome to the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) website. The FOT is the supervisory authority responsible for public transport in Switzerland. This covers many different modes of transport: railways, cableways, ships, trams and buses. Freight transport, too, falls within the FOT’s remit. The FOT is responsible for safety, finance and infrastructures, as well as the legal and political frameworks of all these transport modes.

In addition to basic information in English, the FOT website also provides comprehensive information in German, French and Italian. 


The heart of the NRLA

The Gotthard Base Tunnel entered service on 11 December 2016 – the world’s longest rail tunnel and the heart of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA).

Ein Bahnarbeiter überprüft eine Schraubenmutter eines Gleises.

Safety is key in public transport

Public transport is very safe. The FOT is here to keep it that way.