The central role of the railways

Mehrere Züge in einem Bahnhof

No one else enjoys rail travel as much, or travels as often, as the Swiss. On average we travel by rail 50 times a year, covering about 2000 km. Thanks to the gradual commissioning of new, more efficient railway infrastructure such as the Zurich cross-city link, and the Alpine base tunnels, demand has continued to rise. Rail freight has also expanded massively. Current prognoses suggest that this enormous growth in passenger and freight transport by rail will continue.

The FOT is the authority that monitors safety, and is thus responsible for rail transport continuing to maintain a high safety level. The FOT plans and supports further expansion and is also the licensing authority for new rail infrastructure and renovations. In addition, it regulates access to the rail network and monitors operations. It sets the amounts and components of train path prices, which railway undertakings must pay to infrastructure managers. The FOT also undertakes numerous other tasks on behalf of the railways.

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