Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for the National Vehicle Register?

The National Vehicle Register is maintained by the Federal Office of Transport (FOT). The FOT has commissioned ENOTRAC AG to run the NVR database. ENOTRAC AG is the register’s controller.

Can a vehicle keeper register a vehicle without having a Vehicle Keeper Marking (VKM)?

No, a vehicle keeper must have a Vehicle Keeper Marking (VKM).

What is a vehicle keeper responsible for?

Under the Swiss Railways Act, the keeper registered in the NVR is responsible for the safe operation of his/her rolling stock, and for vehicle maintenance. He/she is responsible for the vehicle data under his/her VKM in the NVR database.

When does a change application need to be completed in the database?

If vehicle data are no longer correct, the vehicle keeper must submit a change application without delay. The entry in the NVR is always legally binding.

Can the Vehicle Keeper Marking be passed on to another company?

The VKM can be returned or transferred to another company. An application for this should be submitted to the Federal Office of Transport (FOT), Railway Network Section, 3003 Bern, or by email to

What should I do when selling a vehicle?

If the keeper’s responsibility, and thus the Vehicle Keeper Marking, a keeper change application should be carried out in the database. The original keeper hands over the vehicle into the virtual pool. The new keeper takes over the vehicle, using the corresponding application, into his/her fleet. When taking over a vehicle, the new keeper vehicle keeper must determine the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), and if necessary, the owner. During the period in which the vehicle has not been assigned a keeper, it cannot be called up by a public search, and may not be used.

I want a different number for my vehicle: what do I need to do?

A rail vehicle is assigned a 12-digit vehicle number when it is first placed into service. It keeps this number during its entire lifespan. The number can only be changed if technical alterations to the vehicle mean the number no longer corresponds to the vehicle. There are no other reasons for changing the vehicle number.

If the vehicle has been converted, does it need a new vehicle number?

If the technical and operating characteristics of the vehicle no longer corresponds to the vehicle number, the FOT will need to issue a new 12-digit vehicle number for this vehicle. An application for this should be submitted, at the latest when applying for an operating licence, by email to

An authority abroad has authorised the vehicle to be placed into service. What does a vehicle keeper now need to do?

Authorisations for placing into service in other countries should be entered in the NVR. The FOT requires this authorisation in one of the official Swiss languages or in English, or the form provided by the European Union Agency for Railways. This form can be provided by the foreign authority upon request.

I can’t find my password or my username: what do I need to do?

Send an email to giving your name and Vehicle Keeper Marking, and request a new password. The FOT will assign a new password, which must be changed when you first login to the database.

I have logged in as a vehicle keeper, but still can’t call up all the registered vehicles. What should I do?

A vehicle keeper only has access to his/her own vehicles. Further vehicles can be called up via public access to the database, using the 12-digit vehicle numbers.

Why isn’t the public search finding a 12-digit vehicle number that I know?

In the following cases, data on a registered vehicle number cannot be called up via the public access:

  • The vehicle is not registered as being “in service”
  • The vehicle has been transferred to the pool by its original keeper using a keeper change application, and has not yet been taken over by the new vehicle keeper

In these cases, the vehicle may not be used.