Implementing transport policy

Women and men sit in the National Council chamber at wooden desks arranged in a semi-circle.
Parlament makes decisions regarding legislation and funding for public transport.
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Decisions on public transport and freight transport are taken by the Federal Council, Parliament and the People.

The Federal Office of Transport (FOT) plays an important role in preparing and implementing these decisions. Its tasks include:

  • providing advice in political and legal matters
  • providing expertise to policy decision-makers
  • keeping abreast of developments in international transport policy
  • analysing what these developments mean for Switzerland
  • preparing international negotiations and conferences on overland transport issues
  • coordinating federal public transport activities in the international context.

Once decisions are made, such as the decision to shift freight travel through the Alps from road to rail or that to expand the railway infrastructure, the FOT:

  • takes the necessary action
  • involves all stakeholders
  • allocates the funding necessary.