Ongoing development of the public transport system

An orange RBS train runs past the timber-clad BAV building.
The S7, operated by the RBS, runs right past the FOT building in Ittigen.

The FOT is committed to ensuring that Switzerland’s public transport and rail freight transport systems are operated sustainably and are continuously adapted to changing needs and developments.

The FOT’s four main tasks are:

  • Policy: to prepare and implement political decisions by the Federal Council, Parliament and the People
  • Safety: to ensure high yet affordable safety standards for the railways, bus and coach services, ships and cable cars
  • Financing: to ensure the efficient use of funds in the provision of a high-quality transport network
  • Infrastructure: to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is constructed on time and in accordance with regulations

Because of its position at the heart of Europe and because of rapidly expanding international transport links, Switzerland can only fulfil these tasks in close cooperation with its neighbours and with the European Union. The FOT is in regular contact with partners in Switzerland and abroad.