Financing public transport

A red locomotive at the head of a double-decker train passes over a new bridge above a construction site.
The FOT awards federal funding of more than CHF 5 million a year for railway infrastructure, passenger transport and rail freight transport.

Excellent transport infrastructure and well-functioning public transport services make a place attractive to live and work in. The public sector thus contributes to the funding of public transport and rail freight transport: the Confederation, cantons and communes pay about half of these transport costs.

The Confederation spends over CHF 5 billion a year on public transport and rail freight transport. It is the FOT’s task to manage this spending efficiently. The main spending areas are:

  • maintenance and extension of rail infrastructure (about CHF 4.5 billion p.a.),
  • operating subsidies for regional passenger transport (about CHF 1 billion p.a.),
  • promoting the transport of freight by rail (about CHF 200 million p.a.).

Legal basis