Type approvals equipment

As a preliminary stage of the planning permission procedure for buildings and installations prescribed by Art.  18 of the Railways Act (RailA), Art. 18x RailA regulates type approval for elements of railway installations used multiply in the same way and for the same function.

The procedure for obtaining a type approval is regulated in the FOT Guideline "Type approval for equipment":

In the course of the type approval procedure, approvals for specific use are sometimes also issued. These are then valid only for the restricted use stated in the approval.

At the request of the railways, the FOT is now publishing an overview of all approvals granted since 2000 that are still valid for new applications. The lists are updated periodically. Please note the update status and the explanations given at the top of the lists.

For reasons of cost, the entries are given in one language only (original language of the decision, usually German); we ask users with different language backgrounds for their understanding.


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