Rail operator Phase FOT
The operator must ensure that all current legal provisions are consistently observed. In terms of its personnel with safety-relevant functions, this relates in particular to the provisions on the training and examinations of the employees concerned. Normative The FOT devises the guidelines and regulations required to authorise personnel with safety-relevant functions, such as the Ordinance on Railway Safety Activities and the Employment Act.
The operator trains the personnel required and conducts the requisite examinations (or has these conducted by external specialists). Preventive The FOT designates the examination specialists and issues the requisite certificates at the operators' request.
The operator deploys its personnel, issues the necessary instructions and checks to ensure that these are duly carried out. It also sets periodic examinations for its personnel and maintains the requisite documentary records thereof.
As part of its safety monitoring mandate, the FOT determines whether the operator's safety organisation is adequately able to implement the applicable provisions and ensure the safety of its public transport services.