Regional Passenger Transport

Regional passenger transport (RPT) covers transport services within the regions including basic services between small communities. The federal government orders and finances RPT intended to fulfil an access function together with the cantons.

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RPT intended to fulfil an access function is ordered and financed by the federal government together with the cantons.

Regional passenger transport is understood as transport services within the regions, as well as a basic level of services between localities, as well as passenger transport between neighbouring regions as well as regions in neighbouring countries.

The federal government participates in the ordering and financing of RPT if it has an access function. This is the case if there is a connection point with the higher-level public transport network at at least one end of the line and a village at the other end or between the ends of the lines. In addition, the community to be served must have at least 100 inhabitants.

Currently, the federal government, together with the cantons, commissions around 1,550 lines from 108 transport companies. It contributes around CHF 1,1 billion to RPT annually.

Local transport services, long-distance services and leisure services are not considered to be part of regional public transport.