Research and innovation

By promoting research and innovation, the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) aims to make public transport and rail freight even more efficient, as well as more customer- and environment-friendly.

The Confederation spends around six billion francs a year on public transport and rail freight. The FOT must use these funds sensibly and efficiently for the maintenance and expansion of the railway infrastructure, and as subsidies for regional passenger transport and freight transport.

By promoting research and innovation, the FOT aims to help optimise costs and further improve safety, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility in its areas of responsibility. Research findings can be applied in the public transport sector and throughout the economy, making them more productive.

This is why the FOT therefore invests around 10 to 15 million francs annually in research and innovation. This is about 0.2% of its total expenditure.

What is research and innovation?

  • Research generates new knowledge by means of scientific methods. Funding research is an important task of government.
  • Innovation is the development of new products, procedures, processes and services for the economy and society. This is primarily a private-sector task and is only funded by the state on a selective basis and in predefined areas.
  • Federal government research refers to research the results of which are required to fulfil federal tasks. It must be consistent with the provisions of the relevant legislation and the strategies of the federal offices and departments.

Studies and reports

Various studies and research reports can be downloaded from the federal database ARAMIS. With the preset search function you can find all the studies and research reports commissioned by the FOT. The search can be narrowed down using the full text search function.