Further expansion programmes

A train carrying semi-trailers goes through a tunnel.

4-metre corridor

So that semi-trailers with a corner height of four metres can be transported by rail from Northern Europe to the transhipment terminals in Northern Italy, older tunnels on the Gotthard route were enlarged and other adaptations made. The four-metre corridor was completed in 2020 and cost approximately CHF 990 million.

A TGV Lyria train runs through the countryside between Switzerland and France.

Connection to the European high-speed network

To create better connections to the European high-speed network, the Confederation has so far invested about CHF 1.1 billion in the railway infrastructure so far. This has shortened journey times between Switzerland and cities such as Paris, Lyon, Munich, Ulm and Stuttgart, sometimes significantly.

A train passes a noise barrier in Gerra.

Noise abatement

Under the noise abatement programme the entire Swiss rolling stock has been fitted with quiet brakes. In addition, about 276 km of noise barriers have been built and more than 70,000 sound-insulating windows have been installed. In a second stage, noisy goods wagons were banned on the Swiss network from 2020. The programme also involves increased research and innovation into railway noise reduction.