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Applications for funding can be submitted on an ongoing basis using the forms below. The funding conditions must be observed. The programme management will be happy to provide further information if required. 

Funding contributions under the "Innovation in regional passenger transport" funding programme are open to transport companies that hold an RPT concession. Transport companies can submit applications in partnership with academic institutions and private sector companies.

The criteria for evaluating applications are innovation, applicability in the area of RPT, public interest and risk management of the project. Based on the recommendation of experts, the FOT decides on the support of a project and the amount of funding.

Programme guide (PDF, 525 kB, 30.05.2023)

Self-assessment questionnaire (available only in French (XLSX, 169 kB, 25.04.2022) and in German (XLSX, 153 kB, 25.04.2022))

Project idea form (available only in French (DOCX, 139 kB, 28.06.2021) and in German (DOCX, 137 kB, 28.06.2021))

Application form (available only in French (DOCX, 545 kB, 30.05.2023) and in German (DOCX, 547 kB, 30.05.2023))

Appendices (available only in French (XLSX, 277 kB, 25.04.2022) and in German (XLSX, 277 kB, 25.04.2022))


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