Access to the NVR database

The Swiss National Vehicle Register can be accessed either via the FOT website (Topics A-Z/National Vehicle Register), or directly at Information on individual vehicles can be accessed using the 12-digit vehicle number. This information is publicly accessible.

More wide-ranging database searches require special access rights, which are issued by the FOT according to the applicant’s status.

Higher-level authorisations is issued to:



The European Centralised Virtual Vehicle Register (ECVVR) maintained by the European Union Agency for Railways can be accessed at (login necessary). Vehicle data in a National Vehicle Register linked with the ECVVR can be consulted. Only registered users have access. Registered users are assigned access rights according to their role and in accordance with Section 3.3 of the Annex to Commission Decision 2011/107/EU. Applications to obtain user rights to access the NVR database should be sent by email to the FOT. Users require a valid email address to access the NVR.