Rail Infrastructure Research

The Rail Infrastructure Fund (BIF) is used to finance the operation and maintenance, renewal and modernization, and further expansion of rail infrastructure. In addition, withdrawals are possible for research in the field of infrastructure. The amount of these funds is determined annually by the Federal Assembly as a separate budget item in the BIF.

Two possible instruments are used to promote research: research contracts and the support (subsidisation) of third parties’ research projects. The funds available for research from the BIF are to be used primarily for research contracts that are initialised and awarded by the FOT. Secondarily, applications from third parties that meet the requirements and research priorities described in the FOT's current rail infrastructure research programme may also be considered.

Legal basis

  • The Federal Law on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (FIFG) enables the Confederation to implement its own research programmes (FIFG Art. 16, § 2.c).
  • The Rail Infrastructure Fund Law (BIFG) enables the FOT to withdraw funds from the Rail Infrastructure Fund (BIF) for research (BIFG Art. 4, §1.c).

The Ordinance on the Licensing, Planning and Financing of Railway Infrastructure (KPFV) specifies that the FOT, when awarding subsidies, takes into account in particular their benefit for the value preservation and the efficient and safe operation of the railway infrastructure, as well as the demarcation from other subsidy instruments (KPFV Art. 42).


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