Areas of research



Research that provides benefits for preserving the value of the rail infrastructure and its efficient, safe operation and maintenance, or for expanding the rail infrastructure, may be funded within the context of the Rail Infrastructure Fund (RIF).
that are conducive to operations and asset maintenance (including technology upgrading) and that meet traffic requirements may be promoted through service level agreements (SLA). And certain innovation projects may be supported in various expansion phases via development loans (e.g. project management loans).

Passenger transport

Innovations in the sense of novel solutions for the procurement of vehicles and the creation of facilities and installations serving regional passenger transport can be funded from the regional passenger transport credit in the same way as the tender process. The focus here is on reducing costs and creating added value for customers.

Freight transport

Innovations in the sense of technological developments may be financially supported for freight transport. The focus here is on test applications and pilot applications, as well as on accelerating technical migration processes. Funding will be provided within the framework of lending for freight facilities and technical innovations for freight transport.

Energy Strategy 2050 – public transport

Research and development, and also demonstrations, such as pilot projects/facilities, field trials, etc., may be supported as part of implementing the Confederation's energy strategy.
that are conducive to improving the energy-efficiency of operations, the infrastructure or vehicles, and that promote the production of renewable energy, may also be supported, as may innovations that are conducive to the dissemination of methods, knowledge and good practice, the development of principles and mechanisms for managing incentive systems and their implementation.

Rail noise control programme

Research targeted primarily at reducing rail noise and therefore at measures to address the source of noise, in other words, rolling stock and rails, may be supported as part of the restructuring plan. The Federal Office of Transport, together with the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), has drawn up a strategy for government research in this area.
that reduce noise emissions from freight transport to very low levels may be supported with investment assistance from the FOT.