Notified national technical rules (NNTR)

With the 2013 revision of the Railways Ordinance (RailD), Switzerland amended its regulations governing standard-gauge railways to comply with EU requirements. According to European Directive 2008/57/EC, individual states must lay down binding notified national technical rules (NNTR) if their national regulations do not comply with the corresponding technical specifications for interoperability (TSl). The NNTR must be published and made availabte to all infrastructure managers and railway undertakings, vehicle keepers and conformity assessment bodies. Applicants are required to prove that their subsystem complies with the TSI and their NNTR.

NNTR are national requirements that differ from or supplement a TSI.

Specialized information

NNTR INF CR (PDF, 614 kB, 02.08.2016)NNTR Infrastructure of the conventional rail system

NNTR OPE (PDF, 187 kB, 02.08.2016)NNTR Operation and traffic management of the rail system

NNTR PRM (PDF, 223 kB, 19.11.2017)NNTR Accessibility of the rail system for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility

NNTR ENE (PDF, 108 kB, 02.08.2016)NNTR Energy of the rail system

NNTR SRT (PDF, 241 kB, 02.08.2016)NNTR Safety in railway tunnels

NNTR NOI (PDF, 151 kB, 19.11.2017)NNTR rolling stock — noise of the rail system