Multimodal Mobility

Zwei Personen steigen am Bahnhof Zollikon von einem Bus der Zürcher Verkehrbetriebe (ZVV) in ein Mobility-Auto um.
© Mobility Genossenschaft

Digitalisation makes it easier than ever for innovative providers to combine different means of transport, such as public transport, cars, taxis, cycling, and walking. This enables providers to offer tailored packages and meet all of everyone’s needs. To do so, they need mobility data - where people are and want to go, what transport is available, and what it costs - and a means of selling tickets and other transport products. In order to make it easier to offer multimodal services, the federal government is planning a new law that allows third-party providers to sell public transport tickets. Further measures should help to make mobility data more readily available and facilitate access to the sales systems of other mobility providers. This increases the chances of multimodal transport options involving public transport becoming the norm.