Cross acceptance

Process of simplification of approval procedures for rolling stock through the mutual recognition of approvals and certificates by several countries. It is implemented through international agreements to recognise the approvals of other safety authorities. In a wider sense, cross acceptance also includes aspects of simplified access to the network; the mutually recognised approval of engine drivers; and the certification of maintenance facilities.


European Railway Agency: EU agency founded in 2004 and based in Valenciennes (F). Its purpose is to improve the safety and interoperability of the railways.


International Requirement List: a thematic, uniformly structured summary of national and infrastructural requirement catalogues of authorisation bodies and network operators from Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It comprises electric and diesel locomotives, and multiple units.


Task Force Interoperability: an international working group of the National Safety Authorities (NSA) of Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and the most important infrastructure managers of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.