Brexit (Road transport)

Brexit: Road transport agreement Switzerland - UK

At present, the relations between Switzerland and the UK regarding transport of passengers and goods are to a large extent anchored by the land transport agreement with the European Union. This agreement will cease to apply to the United Kingdom after it leaves the European Union (possibly after a transition period).

Given the current uncertainty, the possibility of a ‘disorderly Brexit’, without a transition period in place, cannot be ruled out (‘no-deal' scenario). On 25 January 2019, Switzerland signed thus a road transport agreement with the United Kingdom.

The text forms the basis for the International carriage of passengers and goods by road between the two countries in case the United Kingdom leave the European Union in a disorderly manner (‘no-deal’ scenario). For the scenario of an orderly Brexit with a transition period a more elaborate agreement has been prepared as well. That agreement can be finalized and ratified at a later stage if needed.