Accessible Public Transport

Passengers with pushchairs or with heavy luggage also benefit from low-level access systems.

People with disabilities have the same needs for and rights to independent mobility as people without impairments.

The Swiss Federal Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities (DDA) and its ordinances have been in force since 1 January 2004. The act holds that public transport must be adapted to the needs of passengers with disabilities by end 2023 at the latest. With a view to demographic developments in our society, this is a project which will benefit not only younger people with a permanent disability, but also a significant proportion of all public transport users: as people get older, most will develop impaired sight, hearing or mobility. In addition, younger people without impairments will be pleased if using public transport with a pushchair or with heavy luggage becomes easier. And: who has never been temporarily disabled by an injury?


Elderly people and public transport

The population in our society becomes always older. As people get older they tend to rely more on public transport to get around, so public transport is now playing a major role in keeping older people mobile.