Public transport safety

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Public transport should not just be comfortable and reliable; it should also - and above all – be safe. Despite higher speeds, denser traffic and more complex technical systems, safety must be guaranteed. This important principle, which applies to all public transport operators, is also upheld by the Federal Office of Transport (FOT), which puts monitoring the safety of public transport at the heart of its work.

Responsibility for the safety and the safe operation of the buildings, installations and vehicles used in public transport rests with the various transport operators. In exercising its supervisory role here, the FOT makes a key contribution to ensuring that any deficiencies in the operators' safety management are swiftly identified and immediately rectified where necessary.

Demarcation of responsibilities

Delineation of responsibilities in the safety field between the Federal Office of Transport and the transport companies is essentially the same for all modes of transport.

The division of safety duties in the public transport sector

The FOT’s safety monitoring is divided into the normative, preventive and the operating safety phase.

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