Markus Ammann
Markus Ammann

Reducing environmental risks in public transport

Public transport is an environmentally friendly form of mobility. The Environment Section is concerned with the environmental risks that might arise from public transport operations. The protection of people and of natural resources is central, based on the environmental legislation.

In essence, this concerns the remediation of existing installations or vehicles that no longer satisfy the demands of environmental legislation. For example, this includes risks to the environment or to people through chemical pollution by transport companies, air pollution control, protection against non-ionising radiation, and water protection, each of which affects public transport. One priority is the risk associated with the transport of hazardous goods. We represent Switzerland's interests in the development of internationally harmonised regulations on the transport of hazardous goods by railway undertakings (RID), and implement them in national legislation.

In addition to our actual core business, we support other Sections of the Federal Office in issues relating to our area of specialisation, such as acoustic treatment.