Risk Management & Management Support

Silke Schönherr
Silke Schönherr

Risk management and management support are our key concerns

We function as the centre of expertise for risk management, coordination of data/GIS/statistics and quality management/management support. We are responsible for implementing and developing the FOT's safety policy.

The safety policy establishes the principles for the safe operation of public transport. In this area, our section lays the foundations for the policy issues and the key methodological questions: How safe is safe enough? How is safety measured? We develop instruments and analyse data in order to evaluate system-wide risks and monitor safety levels.

Risk assessments of this kind form the basis for decisions taken by the senior management and the individual sections and enable them to set their priorities in such a way that we make the greatest possible contribution to the safety of public transport using the available resources.

Where risk policy is concerned, our section is responsible for all aspects of risk management within the FOT as a whole and for the regular implementation and development of risk management activities. This integrated approach to risk management covers, for example, financial risks and legal risks (compliance) as well as safety risks. It also includes crisis management within the FOT and the CTE administrative office, which coordinates transport in the event of a disaster or emergency with national or international consequences. Risks relevant to the Federal Council are managed as part of the Federal risk management.

Another of our section's responsibilities that covers the entire FOT is data management. This includes the FOT's GIS unit and coordinating statistics across the FOT.

Our section is also responsible for quality management within the FOT's internal organisation, which involves developing management tools (processes, projects) and supporting the senior management team (establishing objectives, project portfolio).