Management Affairs

Markus Liechti
Markus Liechti / Christoph Herren

Political advice and support

This Section supports and advises the Director in the field of management affairs and provides input for speeches and presentations. As part of this activity, we monitor and assess what is going on in national and international transport policy. We also provide guidance, support and coordination for the management board and the specialist Division staff in planning and managing transport policy. We manage cross-departmental political and organisational projects. We advise project teams from a political and formal perspective and support them by providing the necessary working documents, managing the business processes in the legislative procedure and offering quality assurance services. In addition, we coordinate research within the Department and carry out evaluations of the FOT.

Coordinating internal administrative processes

We coordinate the FOT’s statements as part of internal administrative consultation procedures and prepare the FOT’s contributions to the legislative plans, the annual objectives of the Federal Council and the Department, and the annual report of the Federal Council. Our Section is also responsible for managing parliamentary procedural requests and questions, and for planning and preparing for parliamentary debates with the help of the relevant specialists.

Contact point for citizens, cantons and organisations

Every day we answer enquiries from the public. We also support the management board team in preparing for and running events, and maintain contact with the cantons and with transport policy associations and organisations.