Authorisations II

Pierre-André Pianzola
Pierre-André Pianzola

Authorisation of railways and fixed installations for trolley buses and ships

Anyone who intends to build and operate a railway requires a franchise from the Confederation. The individual constructions and installations also need planning permission - similar to planning permission for buildings.

We issue infrastructure franchises for franchised railway companies, manage the planning permission procedures for buildings and installations on SBB routes and the routes of all the private rail companies, and - where necessary - issue operating licences. We do the same for the fixed installations for trolley buses and shipping.

We are the leading authority in these procedures, and involve the Confederation's and the cantons' specialised agencies where necessary. The procedure includes investigating the projects in terms of their safety. Before decisions are made, we carry out a consultation and - if necessary - conciliation procedures with all the parties involved.

The safety inspections for planning permission fall under the remit of the Safety Division.