Approvals and Rules

Fabiana Cavalcante
Fabiana Cavalcante

Gatekeeper to the railway network and the approval of vehicles and staff

The Approvals and Rules Section draws up and continuously updates the regulations on technology, operation and staff of the different public transport companies. We ensure that only vehicles that fulfil the regulations are approved for public transport, and that the staff have the necessary training to perform their duties.

We decide whether to issue the network access authorisation, if a railway company applies to run on the Swiss railway network. In collaboration with other Sections we determine whether a rail company fulfils all the requirements, and then issue the safety certificate for which they have applied.

Railway vehicles, public buses and trolley buses require approval. For international transport, we coordinate the national and international contacts between the responsible authorities. Furthermore the installations, procedures and components of railways and cableways all require type approval. We issue this if they satisfy all safety requirements. Material testing comes under the remit of the Safety Division.

The staff who carry out tasks related to safety in a public transport company require approval. We examine applications for training and training certificates, and issue the necessary authorisations or certificates. To ensure the continuous quality of training, we appoint examiners from the railway companies, and external specialists.