Railway Network

Markus Giger
Markus Giger

Secure, maintain, improve

Our section is responsible for financing the operation and maintenance of the Swiss railway network. Part of the operating costs is paid by the users via the train path price. Other operating costs and capital expenditure are paid by the Confederation from the Rail Infrastructure Fund (RIF). We enter into four-year performance agreements with infrastructure managers and carry out audits and inspections to determine whether allocated funds are used appropriately and as agreed. We also sign contracts with individual companies for the performance of system tasks such as customer information, train protection or traction power supply, which are also financed through the RIF. Finally, we agree on capital expenditure contributions from the RIF for cableways that serve to connect remote regions.

We are also home to the Mobility Unit, which coordinates implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act in public transport. By 2023 at the latest, public transport must also be accessible without hindrance for people with reduced mobility.