Passenger Transport

Regula Herrmann
Regula Herrmann

Financing, organising, monitoring - and licensing

We are primarily concerned with the funding of regional public passenger transport. In collaboration with the Cantons we procure the necessary transport services from the transport companies with a franchise for regional passenger transport, such as the SBB AG or private transport companies, and negotiate the price. In some cases the franchises for bus services are awarded through public tenders. Our team coordinates all these procurements, ensures that there is efficient public service throughout Switzerland, and also ensures the smooth funding of these transport services. Using the transport companies' annual accounts we then check whether the funding provided has been used as agreed.

Franchising the transport companies

Our tasks also include issuing, altering or revoking franchises for transport companies in public transport. These franchises are always issued for a number of years, and may apply to a defined route or to a particular transport network.

Approving contracts and agreements

So that users of public transport can move easily from one route to another, and from one transport company to another, numerous agreements and contracts between the transport companies are necessary. The specialists in the Passenger Transport Section ensure that these agreements between individual transport companies, the cantons and the tariff associations, are properly implemented. As part of this ongoing task we advise the committees for the different tariff associations, as well as those concerned with direct transport such as the Passenger Transport Market Commission (KMP), or the Passenger Transport Distribution Commission (KVP), which is responsible for distributing the income from the Generalabonnement.