Market Access

Regula Herrmann
Regula Herrmann

Further development of public transport

We regulate access to roads and railways and are committed to ensuring high-quality, customer-friendly public transport services.

Under passenger transport legislation, the Confederation is given the authority to issue licences, permits and authorisations for public transport. We follow established procedures and grant the corresponding rights for passenger transport by rail (e.g. long-distance concession), by road (e.g. long-distance buses) and by waterways (i.e. both domestic and international traffic).

Transport rights granted for commercial and regular passenger transport remain valid for several years and refer either to a specific line or to a given transport network.

Transport companies wishing to operate as road transport companies for both passenger and freight transport require approval (licence). We verify that the requirements for granting a licence have been met and then issue the corresponding licences for a period of validity of five years.

As part of the Confederation's supervisory activities, we also initiate criminal proceedings for infringements of passenger transport legislation or for licence violations.

In the railway system, we are responsible for establishing the train path price and coordinating the allocation of train paths. We also handle railway infrastructure concessions and are involved in the process of granting network access permits. Our quality measurement system ensures that the Confederation and the cantons, as financial backers, have a reliable instrument to maintain high-quality service in regional passenger transport. We also support a customer-friendly and simple tariff system and manage publication of official public transport timetables.

The above-mentioned tasks greatly facilitate implementation and enforcement of applicable regulations in the above-mentioned areas. They also enable further development of public transport in Switzerland.