Freight Transport

Arnold Berndt
Arnold Berndt

Putting goods onto the rails

Transalpine freight transport should - in accordance with the mandate of the Federal Constitution - be shifted from road to rail. With financial subsidies for unaccompanied combined transport, i.e. the transport by rail of containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers as well as complete lorries (the "Rolling Road"), we contribute to accelerating and optimising the modal shift.

In addition, the Confederation provides financial support to companies whose freight is transported as close as possible to their production facilities via private sidings. The Confederation also makes grants and loans to promote road/rail and rail/road transhipment for combined transport. We are also responsible for remunerating the full wagon-load service on the Swiss normal-gauge network, and procuring freight transport on the narrow-gauge network.

Licences for road traffic

Anyone who commercially transports goods by road requires a licence. We issue these licences for periods of five years. The condition for it is a permit for running a transport company, which we issue if the applicant has the necessary specialist knowledge and logbooks for international passenger transport, e.g. for international regular bus services with the EU and other countries, such as Serbia and Turkey.