Billing and payment options

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We provide an e-bill service which you as a bill recipient can request via registration. You thereby have the opportunity to process the e-bill very simply in your bank's online banking system or to import it via various channels in your financial software, where subsequent processing occurs.

Payment order

You do not need a computer, nor do you have to register anywhere. You can obtain the necessary forms from your financial institution. Whenever you want to pay your bills, fill out a payment order and present it to your financial institution.

Instruction via online banking 

If you have registered for online banking with your financial institution, you can issue the payment order via the internet. For quick and simple processing, we recommend e-billing.

Payments from abroad 

You have the following options for commissioning a financial institution based abroad to make the payment in Swiss Francs (CHF) without any deduction:

  • to the post office giro account 30-6682-1
    Federal Office of Transport
    CH-3003 Berne
    IBAN CH33 0900 0000 3000 6682 1 BIC: POFICHBEXXX
  • to the Swiss National Bank, P.O. Box, CH-8022 Zürich
    Federal Finance Administration, Federal Treasury and Accounts
    CH-3003 Bern
    BC-No. 100
    Account-No. 15305.00036
    IBAN CH49 0011 0001 5305 0003 6; SWIFT: SNBZCHZZ80A
    Communication: in favour of OFT account, 10116.00050.802
  • by bank cheque to our address