Rail operator Phase FOT
The operator must ensure that all current legal provisions are consistently observed. In infrastructural terms, this relates in particular to the provisions on the operation and maintenance of its track, catenary and further installations. Normative The FOT constantly revises the corresponding provisions - such as the Railways Ordinance Implementation Provisions - in the light of the latest technological developments, and with due regard to any newly-identified risks.
The operator must present all the proof of safety required to certificate and approve the use of the infrastructure concerned. The operator must also issue internal regulations to ensure that its infrastructure is maintained in accordance with the instructions of the original equipment manufacturer. Preventive The FOT certificates new infrastructure following due evaluation thereof, and also issues any operating licences required.
The operator is required to monitor and maintain its infrastructure and keep documentary records of the work required. Should any malfunctions occur through the operation of its infrastructure, these must be constantly evaluated to ensure that any preventive actions required can be ordered in the corresponding provisions.
As part of its safety monitoring mandate, the FOT determines whether the operator's safety organisation is adequately able to implement the applicable provisions and ensure the safety of its public transport services.