Safety Supervision

Hanspeter Egli
Hanspeter Egli

Safety supervision in operation

The FOT's safety supervision of public transport companies covers more than the authorisation and licensing of buildings, installations, vehicles, security staff, and operating regulations. We also make sure public transport companies respect safety regulations  during the operating phase, encouraging them to take ownership for ensuring safety at all times.

We plan and organise audits and operating inspections of railways, cableways and bus companies, based on the risks involved. We work with specialists from the Safety Division to carry out inspections including spot checks. These inspections may target a number of areas, including the organisation of a company, the implementation of safety management systems to various technical issues. If safety deficiencies are identified, we require companies to take measures to ensure operational safety is restored. Our aim is to support the public transport companies in owning overall responsibility for safety.

Our tasks also include market supervision of subsystems and safety components that are used in public transport. We check whether they comply with the essential requirements and, if necessary, we require manufacturers to take measures to restore product safety.