Rudolf Sperlich
Rudolf Sperlich

We aim to maintain the high level of safety

Public transport in Switzerland is very safe. The number of accidents and injuries remains low – despite continually rising numbers of journeys. The number of people involved in accidents per kilometre travelled is far lower in public transport than in motorised private transport. So passengers travelling by train, bus, tram, cableway or ship can rightly feel safe!

And we aim to maintain that high level of safety in future. That is why safety has an important place in the FOT’s strategy. The 100 or so staff in my division work on a daily basis to ensure that the railways, cableways, trams, busses and ships operate safely. We monitor public transport companies to ensure that they are fulfilling their statutory responsibilities, identifying potential risks and taking the necessary measures to eliminate them. In addition, technological advances are continually giving rise to new challenges such as cyber security.

As well as maintaining current safety levels, the FOT’s strategy also aims to build on the environmental advantage of public transport. In that context we are active in encouraging projects that promote the efficient use of energy and thereby make our own contribution to the federal government’s 2050 Energy Strategy. It is extremely satisfying to be able to play a part in making public transport safer and more environmentally friendly for the future.